Constructing an identity for Lord Sainsbury’s charitable foundation

Founded by Lord Sainsbury in 1967, Gatsby is one of the UK’s largest charitable foundations.

Through innovation and focused donation, Gatsby act as the enabler for projects across a number of fields, that can wholly benefit from charitable support. They focus on a limited number of charitable areas: plant science research, neuroscience research, science and engineering education, economic development in selected African countries, strengthening public policy, and the fabric and programming of selected arts institutions.


It was recognised that Gatsby’s existing identity did not align with their highly regarded reputation or effectively support their endeavours. Therefore, they required an identity that would work harder to inspire, motivate and engage audiences, align with their purpose and reflect the foundation they truly were.


Purpose developed a brand idea based around ‘The Great Endeavour’ – suggesting intrepid exploration, motivation and focused commitment, helping to fully support the work of the organisation.



‘Scaffolding’ illustrations were constructed with subtle images emerging through the structural line drawings. This helped to visualise the support Gatsby have built within the different areas of their endeavours and brings their portfolio of projects to life.  

The illustrations have been used across all their marketing materials, including their annual review, various publications and also their new responsive website.



  • Research
  • Brand personality and positioning
  • Core thought
  • Refreshed brand identity
  • Stationery
  • Illustrative image bank
  • Marketing materials
  • Corporate brochure
  • Annual review
  • Brand identity guidelines
  • Responsive website
  • On-going consultation
We wanted to ensure our website was fit-for-purpose in the quickly changing digital landscape, whilst also maintaining its current look and feel. Purpose understood this briefly completely and have delivered a site that is refreshed and responsive but has absolutely maintained our brand identity.
Michelle Rea – Programme Communications Manager, Gatsby