Market Research Society

Celebrating the beauty of data

The Market Research Society (MRS) is a membership organisation for companies and individuals working in market research. It is a world leader and the oldest association of its kind.

The MRS behave as the conductor of the industry championing the value of evidence and the power of research to help illuminate, inform and shape society and business. They were however, faced with the challenge of increased competition and a tired offering which impacted on the very life-blood of the MRS – its members.


They required a full brand review and new positioning to breathe life back into the organisation and reflect MRS as an organisation of today.

Given the diverse interests of those in this service sector, MRS represents and communicates with a complex network of audiences and stakeholders. The first challenge was to establish the role that MRS, and market research in general, plays in these relationships. 

‘Evidence’ was identified as a common and powerful element tying all parties together, with MRS acting as a ‘The Conductor’. 

The new logo reflects this core idea as an energetic roundel showing MRS in a pivotal position, with evidence (data) radiating from it. Evolution of a suite of graphic devices to support this drew on the concept of charts and diagrams used to present data, which have taken on a new dimension and complexity in a global, digital world.

Striking data inspired graphics and evidence-based messaging have provided a bespoke visual identity that is not only impactful, but has become an intrinsic part of the MRS brand. New algorithums can be generated from the latest research data and used to create a new suite of infographics – helping the organisation to drive the identity beyond traditional boundaries and conventions, reflecting the forward thinking nature of the organisation.


The new brand identity which has been applied across a wide variety of channels, both on and offline, provides an engaging, interactive platform from which the MRS can drive standards, share intelligence, encourage debate, provide training and motivate through its dedicated awards scheme.



  • Brand strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand personality and positioning
  • Brand identity 
  • Core messaging
  • Multi-channel brand guidelines
  • Bespoke illustrations
  • Marketing collateral
  • Advertising
  • Stationery
  • Membership cards
  • Email template design
  • Digital animations
  • Awards branding
  • Membership campaign
  • Web design and banners
  • Conference materials
  • On-going consultancy
The MRS rebrand was an integral part of raising the profile of MRS and has been very enthusiastically received by everyone who has seen it – it allows us to reflect the huge range and depth of what MRS does. In the first instance Purpose provided a collaborative approach to develop a new brand framework, interpreting the complex needs of MRS into a strong and clear brand structure. Then subsequently delivered all the technical requirements within the implementation plan on time, ensuring that the new visual identity was delivered across all formats, to include printed materials, the overhaul of the MRS website to include wireframes and HTML, all digital media and live at the MRS Annual Conference.
Jennifer Sproul – Sales and Marketing Director, MRS