Virgin Atlantic Airways

Building the framework of a global brand

Virgin Atlantic had built a clear definition of their brand personality and positioning, they’d created a new range of logo types, selected a new typeface and designed the aircraft livery.

However, they needed help to create a fully refreshed brand identity framework, supported by some guiding design principles to help define how the new identity could be used across all Virgin Atlantic communications.

Virgin Atlantic Livery


Keen to avoid a typically corporate approach to their communications, they required a visual language that was flexible enough to speak to both their internal and external audiences as well as adapt to the different communication scenarios.

The framework also needed to meet the demands of the Virgin Atlantic Airways parent brand, the cabin class based ‘product brands’, the Virgin Atlantic Cargo ‘sub-brand’ and a variety of ‘service brands’.

Brand identity framework

We began to establish rules for the use of sizing and positioning of the new logotype and refreshed the use of the colour palette.

Virgin Atlantic Guidelines Virgin Atlantic Guidelines
Virgin Atlantic Guidelines Virgin Atlantic Guidelines

A distinctive range of ‘super graphics’, inspired by the skies – ‘Above the clouds’ were tailored to each cabin class – Economy, Premium Economy and Upperclass.

Virgin atlantic covers

This super-graphic informed the creative approach to typography, language, photography and illustration, whilst allowing enough flexibility to speak to their vast range of audiences and keeping all communications, recognisably – Virgin Atlantic.

VAA Marketing communications

To support the new brand identity framework, we developed a set of core stationery and artwork templates globally, as well as full brand guidelines for both Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Atlantic Cargo.

App buttons

Virgin Atlantic had a number of mobile applications buttons that had been designed independently of each other and did not sit together as a family of apps from one brand. They needed a consistent style and approach to be applied across their existing apps, as well as any future apps that may be developed. 

We designed six app buttons that worked together, but could also be used independently. Guidelines were also created to ensure all future apps would sit comfortably within the new set.

App buttons
It is essential that we set a firm, confident foundation for the future of the Virgin Atlantic brand, one which is relevant in the new commercial environment. It’s critical that we portray and live our differentiating brand values.
Joe Ferry – Head of Design, Virgin Atlantic


– Overall brand identity framework
– Brand identity guidelines for Virgin Atlantic
– Brand identity guidelines for Virgin Atlantic Cargo
– Design of a suite of benchmark communications
– Global stationery design, guidelines and artwork templates
– Marketing materials
– App design
– Consultancy and brand management