Ocee International

Bringing a family of brands together

Having established themselves as one of the outstanding manufacturers of commercial furniture in the UK, Ocee Design has begun to take the next step and confirm themselves as a major global player. The acquisition of two companies, Four Design, a Danish furniture manufacturer; and Race Furniture, a traditional British furniture maker – meant the umbrella business of Ocee International was born.

As three companies with different backgrounds and cultural values come together there is a lot to consider. Ocee needed to bring these three different brands with different personalities together under one banner whilst allowing each to have it’s own personality.

The core idea – shaped around you – was developed to express how the environments where you would find Ocee products are there to make the most of your experience, be it at work, at university, a venue, a hospital, a conference.


The brand language was conveyed using one ingredient: The circle. Beautifully simple and infinitely versatile, it allows Ocee to express themselves in a wide range of ways, whilst enabling them to speak to different audiences in different tones and styles.


What makes Ocee tick? This is developed from three key pillars:


People. Place. Purpose

Key objectives:

– Develop a mark and brand language to unite all three brands
– Create an infrastructure that could accommodate any future acquisitions
– Position the business as a modern and progressive company
– Position the business as a design powerhouse across all disciplines
– Allow all brands to have their own personality


Thank you to everyone at Ocee for embracing such a bold shift, and thanks to freelancers Nicola and Adam for all your help – we couldn’t have done it without you




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