Helping to build the Orange brand from the inside, out

Our relationship with Orange goes back 11 years. 

During this time we have established ourselves as a trusted adviser and valued creative partner for a host of people and teams across the Orange Group – helping them to build the brand, day-by-day and piece-by-piece – from the inside, out.

We help Orange to build clarity, understanding and brand engagement amongst its people. 

Creating internal communications strategies and tools we enable Orange to build unity and cohesion across teams, business units and countries.

Through this work we help to inspire and enable Orange people to engage effectively with the brand: to contribute, to make an impact and to shape the brand from the inside out.

The brand experience is a critical factor of successful brand building. A brand must deliver on its promise or it will quickly fail.

Each individual brand experience will contribute to the whole. Building the brand narrative, and consolidating – or crucifying – the brand reputation.

Get it wrong and go back to zero. Get it right and build brand love, loyalty and advocacy; grow relationships, reputation and business.

We help Orange to create a great Orange experience for people engaging with the brand. We help them to ensure that the brand experience reflects the brand values: refreshing, dynamic, friendly, straightforward and honest; building positive associations at every touchpoint; online and offline, instore and out in the world.

Good business is built on strong relationships. Successful brands work hard to ensure that their relationships are meaningful, enduring and mutually rewarding.

Staying fresh – constantly surprising and engaging audiences. Building trust and mutual respect. Behaving responsibly. Valuing customers, people and partners.

We help Orange to deepen relationships with their audiences: customers, businesses, professional partners, key influencers, journalists and governments. We create tools to help them communicate more effectively: communications toolkits, asset libraries, marketing collateral, visual identity toolkits for specific business areas and initiatives.





Orange Football – high kick
Orange Football – slide
Orange Football – Goalie
Orange Football – Shop
 Orange Football – Billboard
Orange Football – Guidelines
Orange Football – Collateral
Orange Football – Ads

Through our strategic and creative work we play our part in helping the Orange brand to advance and grow.

Helping the organisation to realise their business objectives and advance towards their brand vision. Supporting the development of new products and services, and the migration into new markets and territories. Helping the organisation to adapt to change and to exploit new opportunities; supporting innovation, enabling growth. 



We support the ongoing growth
of the Orange brand by helping the
Global Brand Team to continually
develop the brand identity assets.

Orange is a monolithic brand,
so we are usually tasked to 
create identities and marketing
materials for new initiatives 
or business units using the
core Orange identity elements. 

We help to flex and stretch the
use of the Orange brand identity
elements – extending the brand
vocabulary, whilst maintaining
brand consistency.

We provide teams with new tools
to tell new stories, helping them to
engage and connect with new
audiences in new markets
and territories.


As Orange moves into
new territories around the
globe we help them to connect
locally, whilst maintaining
consistency globally.

We help to check that creative
ideas can transcend international
borders and cultures, and will
connect with each audience. 

We flex the use of the brand
identity elements, creating space
for local interpretation. Ensuring 
that the brand is locally relevant
and engaging.