Collingwood identity

Collingwood Lighting Ltd and Halers Lighting Ltd are synonymous with cutting-edge LED luminaries, yet the two faced some confusion both in the marketplace and internally, over distinction between the company itself, Collingwood, and its product range, Halers.

Following the great success of Halers’ products, Collingwood recognised the need to ensure clarity within the visual messaging of the two entities; communicating the quality of Collingwood’s technologies, as well as gaining mass-market recognition for Halers.


Purpose suggested that through Halers becoming a sub-brand of Collingwood, a stronger foundation for growth would develop. Purpose helped to realign the two businesses under one more clearly defined brand. A new brand architecture and overall identity was established, along with a new Halers identity comprised of a subtly adjusted logo with elements from the Collingwood palette; therefore forming part of the Collingwood family.

This family feel is enforced through focus on imagery, language, colour and positioning of the Collingwood marque; paving the way for the introduction of new sub-brands and products in the future.


— Brand architecture
— Brand refresh
— Press advertising
— Brand guidelines
— A6 Sales brochure
— Website
— Merchandise
— Product launch campaign
— Brand book
— Packaging

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