Bedell Group

Establishing two distinct brands within a Group to enable greater independence

Bedell Group comprised of Bedell Cristin – an award-winning law firm, and Bedell Trust – a fiduciary, fund and corporate services business.

As part of their five year strategic plan the Group were beginning to establish greater operational independence across the two businesses.

Purpose were tasked to help establish a distinct brand positioning strategy and identity for each firm.





The key objectives of the branding programme were to:

– Establish the most appropriate Group brand architecture and distinct business line positioning strategies.

– Refresh the brand strategy, identity, guidelines and marketing materials to better reflect the calibre and distinct capabilities of the Group.

– Establish a stronger platform from which to help build the brand reputation.

– Support business development.

– Support the development of the company culture and support employee engagement / retention.

– Ensure early engagement with staff to secure greater buy-in and support of change.

– Work with and inform a planned refit of the Jersey office space.

– Work closely with the Group Marketing team to establish smart cost-saving efficiencies across the Group during the re-branding and roll-out process.

Two distinct narratives 

Building upon the shared Group values, we helped each firm to establish a distinct brand positioning narrative, each centred around a unique core thought. The Law Firm core thought ‘Constant Flair’, is rooted in their characteristic approach: "Robust intelligence – delivered with flair”. The Fiduciary business is an emotive articulation of their core purpose: ‘Liberating Success’.


Shared foundations – two distinct expressions

Building on these individual brand narratives, a distinct Brand DNA was formed for each firm – capturing the purpose, positioning and personality of each brand. This benchmarking tool was used to shape the verbal and visual vocabulary for each brand and will inform all brand communications and brand activity going forward. 

To support greater efficiencies during implementation, brand comms for both firms were built upon some common foundations. Distinction was established through messaging and a suite of unique visual assets. 

Bedell Brand DNA


The distinct brand positioning strategies and identities has helped to bring more clarity, confidence and distinction across the Group and each business, paving the way for a complete separation.

Bedell Cristin launched the new brand in the summer of 2016.

Bedell Cristin Brand film


Brand review:

–  Engagement with circa 100 people.
–  Multiple site visits.
–  C-Suite interviews.
–  Staff and client interviews.
–  Team engagement sessions.
–  Competitor audit.
–  Customer audit.
–  Stakeholder engagement.
–  Board presentation.   

Brand strategy:

–  Brand architecture.
–  Brand positioning strategies. 
–  Brand DNAs.

Brand expression:
–  Naming.
–  Brand identity frameworks.
–  Brand assets.
–  Brand guidelines.
–  Messaging platforms.
–  Photography guidelines.
–  Signage guidelines.

Brand consultancy:
–  Strategic counsel.
–  Brand guardianship.
–  Art Direction.
–  Copywriting and tone-of-voice.


–  Website.
–  Brand video.
–  E-alert.
–  Email signature.

Electronic templates:
–  Briefing documents.
–  Team sheets.
–  Powerpoint templates.

Printed collateral:
–  Business cards.
–  Letterhead.
–  Comp slip.
–  Folder.
–  Pitch proposal cover.
–  Brochures.
–  Invites.

–  Interior branding.
–  Exterior branding.
–  Signage.
–  Event stands.   

–  Brand ads.
–  Recruitment ads.

Bedell Trust

In spring of 2016, Bedell Trust announced a management buyout of its business backed by an independent private equity firm. Renamed ‘Ocorian’ and launched in November 2016 using the new brand identity.

Bedell Trust New