Lexicon – The language of living

May 2014

Situated along Islington's City Road Basin, Lexicon features a 36-storey tower of apartments for private sale, embodying luxury high-rise living in London. 

Purpose has been working with London residential property developer Mount Anvil to help enhance the existing Lexicon identity, originally created by The Chase. The main objective being – to simplify and sharpen its commercial focus and equip the team with an effective set of sales and marketing tools.

We repositioned Lexicon with a revised core idea ‘The Language of Living’. This celebrates the vibrancy of the development and also appeals to potential customers, who each have a different way to describe how they like to live. Revised brand and design principles were then summarised within a ‘mini-festo’ document, which informed and realigned all parties to work together to meet the marketing requirements in time for the launch.