What next?

January 2015

Ever had a brilliant idea about something but done nothing about it? Well at Purpose we’re turning our ideas into reality.

Our new internal initiative ‘Purpose Works’ kicked off towards the end of last year with the entire Purpose team being invited to take part in our first ever Innovation Workout.

We each scribbled our ideas on post-it notes, backed by three reasons why the world needs our idea and the floor was ours ready to pitch to the team.


We saw a very diverse mix of ideas – from digital, to product, to graphic design – from the practical to political and others that were just damn right beautiful! With our heads buzzing with creative potential we each selected our favourites to develop and the shortlist was ready.

The 3 finalists include a product for the home, an app and a safety device. The next few weeks will be the research phase and also selecting partners to collaborate with, which might involve manufacturers, developers, consultants or even some of our clients.

We may also be looking at raising funds through crowdfunding platforms by placing the ideas on Kickstarter in the next few weeks. 

In the meantime, here’s just a sneak preview into some prototype ideas for some bespoke door numbers we’re looking into creating...