Purpose Talks were joined by Mass 1, the UK’s leading, independent campaigning agency

February 2015

For our second Purpose Talk of the year, we were joined by Tom Gutteridge, the founder of the UK’s leading, independent campaigning agency Mass 1, who specialise in working with causes and charities.

Tom is a London based designer and has a passion for building technology that makes the world just that little bit better. Tom’s love of data analysis and visualisation, has helped to drive some of his most successful projects and campaigns.

His belief of ‘running with ideas’ has led him to build some truly unique businesses. As well a being a founder of Mass 1, he’s also the co-founder of the ‘The People’s Operator’, the only mobile network to share its profits with good causes. It has recently just IPO’d on the London Stock Exchange and will soon be launching in the US.

During his talk, Tom shared some thoughts and learnings from the game changing projects they’ve created and also how they built their own brands to become big businesses themselves.

Some of their clients include WWF, Channel 4, British Land, Camden Council and UNEP. For more information about Mass 1, please click here. We look forward to partnering with Tom and his team at Mass 1 on some upcoming projects in the future.