Purpose summer party 2016

August 2016

For this year’s Purpose summer party, we took to the waters and cruised down the Regent’s canal, enjoying the beautiful sunshine that London has to offer.

We gathered the crew for a swift ale before setting sail on our very own pirate-themed narrowboat.

After taking in the sights – and sounds – of the naval tunes floating on the airwaves, we split into four teams and the competition commenced…

The Drunken Squids, The Cour Swashbucklers, The Poseidon’s Gold and The Jolly Rogers each took it in turns to test their accuracy, navigation and plank walking skills(!) to be in with a chance of winning the Treasure Chest prize.

The games began with ‘Pin the patch on Captain Redmayne’. With a quick spin around and a bit of direction from the team, the closest eye patch to be placed in the right position won the highest number of points. This was followed closely by ‘Walk the plank’ – with a team member wearing a blindfold, they had to avoid stepping off the ‘plank’ or risk getting squirted with rum-filled water pistols.

‘Hook the hoops’ enabled two team members to choose a ‘tosser’ to throw the hoops for the ‘hooker’ to catch, if successful, they received 5 points per hoop. For the next game we squeezed an undisclosed number of Maltesers into a jar for ‘Guess the number of cannon balls’ game and the team with the closest figure, wins the entire jar.

And finally… ‘Ready, aim, fire’ was our version of Beer pong. Two teams up against each other to throw their cannon balls into each others beer-filled vessels. If they reached the target without bouncing, the opposite team member had to down the drink.

A great way to get the party started before returning to shore and venturing over to the next pub to announce the winning team.

And the results are...

In fourth place, were Amie, Paul, Stu and Joe from The Poseidon’s Gold with 20 points. Next, followed Claire, Mattley, Chris, Lucinda and Alex from The Drunken Squids with 30 points. Nic, Terry, Becky and Harry S from The Cour Squashbucklers came second with 35 points and in first place were Greg, Mark, Rob Harry and Hannah from The Jolly Rogers who scored a staggering 65 points and deservedly won the golden chest.

We had a great afternoon which continued well into the evening, with a few sore heads the next day!