Helping British Heart Foundation to Fight for every heartbeat

May 2015

Purpose is currently working on a project for the British Heart Foundation to redesign their most popular series of heart information guides.

The booklets are seen as the backbone of heart disease information in the healthcare setting, with nearly 2 million ordered in the last financial year alone. The purpose of the books is to provide relevant and authoritative information on key heart health topics that are clear and easy to digest.

The books are used directly by the general public, patients, their families and friends, and also by health professionals, covering topics such as risk and lifestyle factors, heart conditions, tests and treatments.

BHF Heart Information Series

Purpose will be creating 23 guides in total and working to enhance the overall visual identity through both the format as well as the content.

Purpose were appointed to the British Heart Foundation’s design roster towards the end of 2013 and have worked across a number of projects, helping the charity to ‘Fight for every heartbeat’.