Creating a fully refreshed brand identity framework for Virgin Atlantic Airways

September 2013

Virgin Atlantic had established a clear definition of their personality and positioning, they created a new range of logo types, selected a new typeface and designed the aircraft livery. They approached Purpose to help build on these assets to create a fully refreshed brand identity framework.


Virgin Atlantic livery




Guiding design principles were also required to define how the new identity could be used across all Virgin Atlantic communications.

Keen to avoid a typically corporate approach, Virgin Atlantic required a visual language that was flexible enough to speak to both their internal and external audiences as well as meet the demands of different communication scenarios. 

Playful typography adds personality to the communications, whilst a distinctive range of ‘super-graphics’, inspired by the skies – ‘Above the clouds’ were tailored to each cabin class – Economy, Premium Economy and Upperclass.


This super-graphic also helped to inform our creative approach to typography, language, photography and illustration, forming a suite of benchmark ‘look and feel’ visuals.

These guiding design principles will help to inform all future communications, whilst allowing enough flexibility to speak to their vast range of audiences and keeping all communications, recognisably – Virgin Atlantic. 

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