Celebrating 50 years of Endsleigh

June 2015

Purpose has been working on a jubilee campaign for specialist insurance firm Endsleigh. The campaign marks their 50th year in business, providing affordable insurance designed for students and their professional lives.

The concept was based around ‘There then. Here now’ showing how Endsleigh have been there to support their customers over the past five decades.

Messaging was a key part of the campaign, and a great opportunity to tie their 50 years in with punchy headlines. This became the foundation of a comprehensive word bank that could flex across all areas of their marketing and communicate their significant milestone to their audiences instantly.


A series of case studies helped to demonstrate how real life customers have benefitted from Endsleigh’s services by using the campaign language to communicate their positive experiences.

Endsleigh case studies

 We also created a toolkit to enable their in-house team to roll out the campaign seamlessly across their marketing communications, including posters, social media, banners, mailers and their website.

Additionally, we also generated a social media campaign to create competitions for new and existing customers. We combined imagery from 1965 and 2015 to show striking comparisons from the past to the present day to help build on the concept of ‘There then. Here now’.