Fundraising print materials for a leading charity

October 2016

British Heart Foundation is a charity dedicated to fighting against cardiovascular disease. We’ve worked with them for just over four years to support them in their aim of achieving this goal.

Over this time, we have created a breadth of communications such as a fundraising pack to give people ideas and encourage them to have fun whilst raising money for the charity.

BHF fundraising pack

‘Do your own thing’ fundraising is one of the key drivers of income community fundraising for British Heart Foundation, it enables supporters to fundraise without the need for additional support or materials. It’s the main tool to guide supporters on fundraising and enable them to organise their own events and help the organisation ‘fight for every heartbeat’.

We worked with BHF to create a new fundraising pack that would be used by their new and existing supporters, empowering them to raise money for the leading charity and engage with the BHF brand in a way that encourages them to take action. New ideas, guidance and tools are all included in the pack, making it easy for supporters to get involved.