Benchmark publications for agricultural business consultancy EFFP

January 2016

European Farming & Food Partnerships (EFFP) provides consultancy to the agricultural and food industry. They combine specialist farming knowledge with food industry expertise to help businesses address structural, commercial and relationship issues. 

EFFP strive to build bonds between these two industries, to ensure they have a common goal and also to establish appropriate, structured ways of working together. They pride themselves on being able to offer clear, concise guidance or ‘black and white’ advice.

EFFP were looking to develop their brand communications in order to focus their business, better promote their services and consolidate a stronger position in the market place.

The new strikingly bold but simple, black and white visual identity, presents a confident and authoritative voice for EFFP. This new look and feel was applied across the organisation's communication materials including their corporate brochure, suite of casestudies, various templates, and their quarterly publication ‘VIEW’ magazine.